As a team of skilled architects and innovative designers, Embarc sees Architecture as more than just buildings. It is a collection of spaces that enrich the lives of those who occupy them and the harmony those spaces have with their surroundings.

To achieve that elusive relationship between person, space, and place, we collaborate with our diverse clientele and partnerships to create solutions that exceed expectations. In order to connect people experientially and socially, we form close relationships with our sites and neighborhoods, and the data we collect drives every aspect of our projects. This feedback loop of place, site, and design informs our work, ensuring each project has a unique and meaningful resolution.

Our clients are integral to our process as we balance the effects of place and space with their desires and requirements. By making our clients inseparable from the design process, we know that each project will include a diverse set of voices, further enhancing the architectural landscape.

Architecture is a collaboration. It is not just the efforts of clients, architects, consultants, and builders but the union of site, landscape, and place.



Every building requires an incredible effort to align all its creators, from clients, to governing agencies and departments, to the neighborhoods in which the building will be built. Great architecture is the result of the fusion and balance of these forces. 

From our first meeting and onwards, our clients know they are heard and supported. Embarc’s experience allows us to make deliberate decisions about space, materials, and construction. We believe that a well-defined and clearly articulated design is one that is inherently embedded within site and place. This approach ensures that our projects are an integral part of each neighborhood.




Since 2011, we have successfully taken over 75 projects through Zoning Approvals. We have deep experience working with state and federal municipal agencies, including the Boston Planning and Development Agency, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and numerous approvals boards through out Greater Boston. We define our design process by working with a diverse group of experts in order to achieve the best possible result for everyone involved. By working extensively with neighborhood groups, city councilors, zoning attorneys, and local constituents, we ensure that our projects reach a successful—and harmonious—conclusion.

Our unique ability to usher projects through what can be delicate negotiations can be seen in our success rate and high levels of repeat business. Our clients have recognized Embarc as a prominent asset for any client looking to have a project well represented through the planning and zoning process. Our reputation throughout City Hall, local commercial businesses, and development groups is one of high expectations, integrity, collaboration, and success.

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Interior Design is where architecture meets people; how the size, scale, and spirit of spaces fit into the human experience and come together in a building's interior. Place, in particular, is of great importance in our interior design work. Whether the project is a single-family residential home or a commercial office, we strive to create spaces in which people feel comfortable, productive, and protected. Our designs connect to and enrich the lives of the people who fill them.

Each space has its own brand; understanding that fact sets us apart. We are intuitive to what a client wants in a home, a business, or a commercial space and are able to appreciate and cater to you and your market. The success our repeat clients have had with our designs continues to affirm our approach and vision.



Historic Renovation

One of the best ways to enhance our existing environment is through the care and reuse of our historic buildings. We believe in preserving structures in a way that speaks to both history and context. Repurposing these buildings for future generations ensures that their stories are not forgotten and adds a new chapter to these buildings’ lives.

Our execution in permitting and methods of architectural preservation make Embarc a strong partner for any client looking to carry out historic renovations with modern-day program needs. Not only is the preservation of these buildings beneficial to our communities but it is increasingly achievable given the current tax credits that are available both at federal and state levels. In addition to historic preservation design and construction, we provide feasibility studies, giving you the insight, timing, and team you need for to reinvent your historic building.




We approach all our projects with the analysis of existing conditions, programmatic requirements, and systems-level thinking. Our Master Plans are no different. For 20 to 400-unit developments, we investigate and study the neighborhood to carefully stitch every new development into its existing fabric. We look carefully at your clientele and meet needs they didn’t even know they had.

For our larger developments, we tap into our deep knowledge and expertise, leveraging the forces that shape lively and diverse neighborhoods. That depth of knowledge allows us to form new developments into rich and spatially diverse communities. We know how to build a cohesive space that fits your needs as well as your buyers’. By facilitating the marriage between commercial and retail spaces, private residences, and public areas, we maximize the return on your time and investment. Partner with us and revitalize cities.