Kimball Office Showroom

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70 Federal ST 

Boston, MA

Kimball’s team found a space in the heart of the financial district in a 7-story office building that faces the venerated park in Post Office Square. Being on the third floor of the building, they saw the opportunity to pull the energy from the park through the building’s floor to ceiling windows into the space.

As great as that 3rd floor location was, there needed to be some enticement to get people up there. Kimball’s team wanted their clients, designers and potential customers to know “Kimball Office is here!” However, a dilemma was presented when the building’s landlord told us that there would be no signage allowed on the façade. After a few walks outside, we realized that we could see the ceiling in that 3rd floor space from most locations in the park…We knew right away that this was where we could make our statement.

Along with the dynamic ceiling lighting, the new showroom consists of an open floor plan to view many of the fine products that Kimball Office has to offer, a “pavilion in the space” for informal meetings and creative activities, and walls orange in color to give the feel of enthusiasm, joy, and success. We designed the space to be flexible and ready for future trends in the office furniture industry.

Client: Kimball Office
Construction: Atlantic Construction