With nearly two decades of architectural design experience via well-respected international design firms, Chris brings a wide spectrum of extraordinary design solutions custom tailored and fitting for each client.  He has produced over 150 architectural designs for commercial, residential, healthcare, and education clients across several continents in the last three years alone. His expertise in cutting edge design with niche specialty in innovative, future-focused, jewel box architecture lends well to the marketability or brand distinction of a project.  He also understands the business goals of clients, which influences value analysis behind each design decision.  Correspondingly, Chris’s insight into architectural future-proofing helps protect design investments from obsolescence and costly construction upgrades down the road.

From a foundational standpoint, Chris also brings a depth of knowledge in master planning, programming, civil engineering and construction technique. He spent many a summer in Connecticut swinging a hammer on his uncle’s construction sites, which yielded an appreciation for the trade and continues to lend perspective regarding feasibility of design. 

Chris received his B.A. in Architecture from Boston Architectural College.  He also holds an A.S. in Civil Engineering Technology from Springfield Technical Community College.